Suomi Epictronica

We celebrate the centenary of Finland’s independence with new art performance Suomi Epictronica. The premier is held 14th of December at Maunulatalo, Helsinki. Suomi Epictronica is fully composed multimedia art performance. We tell the story of Finns via music, drama, dance, light and video installations, sound and sense -effects. In Suomi Epictronica we combine cultural heritage materials new way with El Markeys soundtracks, Faruusa performance, El Mogua and Hogan’s art galleries & designs.

What is Epictronica?

In the modern time we discover new forms and formulas to achieve goals. Epictronica is own new way of telling the story. The name of Epictronica comes from epic (epos) picture and electronic.  Epictronica is based on science, theory and art development. Together they create new form of performance. It’s suitable for different purposes example education or opening of events like olympics, historical events, museums and galleries. Epictronica is a study of elements, concepts, art and science.

# Epictronica is fully composed multimedia art

# Epicronica is multi art and media design

# Epictronica is based on science and theory

# Epictronica has purpose, cause and goals to achive

# Epictronica is new form of art and science development

# Epictronica is designed to fit in every place: stadium, concert hall, gallery, museum,        theater, class room etc.

# Epictornica is a formula to tell the story in own new way.

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