The Art of Epictronica

The Art of Epictronica

T H E  A R T  O F   E P I C T R O N I C A -art and theory book has been released in the start of November 2017.

A foretaste of  T H E  A R T   O F   E P I C T R O N I C A

“In the present time human race is associated with technology. Technology provides us tools, facilities, alternatives and possibilities were not in our reach few decades before.

In the start of the 20th century when the world was devided the results of this struggle in every side. Development appeared and technology emerged. Also art did take a stand and reflected the echo of the scene.

The development of the art is also related to the science and the advanced technology. New models surfaced in different forms.

Development is the major force behind the birth of Epictronica. Every form and new model of art hosts the value based on the need and the activity. Epictronica in own different models has been designed for a purpose.

Technology, expressions, creative productivity, art and values formed the epictronica to be a model of infinite art, theory and science development.” (Page 8)

Authors: Ricardo Oikarinen, Iida-Maria Oikarinen

ISBN 978-952-68358-2-2 (sid.)

ISBN 978-952-68358-3-9 (EPUB)

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